Why Gatorz?

Sunglasses in the $250 and over market should be worth the price tag. Gatorz sunglasses are individually hand made from the finest materials and feature very high quality polarised impact resistant lenses. You should ask yourself if you are contemplating paying top dollar for plastic sunglasses that are just a "brand" name, are you getting something for you hard earned dollars? With Gatorz it's an easy answer!!!

Endurance. Performance. Intensity.

Those are the hallmarks of Gatorz Extreme Sunglasses...as well as the people that choose them. Specially designed to provide the sharpest, clearest vision possible, Gatorz Eyewear are a must for riders, racers, or extreme sports enthusiasts who demand the best.

Gatorz aluminum series frames are carved from 7075 billet aircraft aluminum. They are then molded around 1.8mm polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection while remaining completely distortion free. With Gatorz Eyewear there is never a compromise of quality, comfort or design.

Gatorz has revolutionized the world of sunglass eyewear. As we grow and expand, we will continue to deliver on our promise to exceed customer expectations in both products and service. Because we focus on eyewear alone, you can bet we deliver the best products out there.

Only Gatorz Eyewear features:

  • A Long Legacy of MADE IN USA
  • 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminium frames (Same grade as jet fighters)
  • Frames can be custom fitted to more closely suit your face shape
  • Incredibly Strong and Lightweight
  • Precision Built (CNC, CAD, CAM Technologies)
  • Dual Sided 5-Barrel Steel Hinges
  • Classic 4-Rivet Assembly
  • Silicon rubber nose piece with an adjustable steel inner frame
  • Compression Fit Laser Cut Lenses
  • Life time rebuild policy
  • TruRay Polarised Optics